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"Can someone PLEASE just tell me how to be a freakin' witch already?!"

Do you want to learn witchcraft and stop wondering "am I doing it right?"

Have you just started to learn how to be a witch and your search engine history is a mess? 

What if I told you that in one weekend, you could have clarity, confidence, all in one nifty little witch starter kit?

Do you want to learn how to navigate your witchy path & and unique magick, minus the info overwhelm, gatekeeping, or insecurity? Read on…

Ever feel like learning witchcraft is a giant wild goose chase?

If you’re a witch, it’s not easy to find the right information on witchcraft – especially when you’re just starting out on your witch journey. 

If you’re new, you don’t know where to begin. People tell you “Go read about it!” or “Go Google it!” and you’re left even MORE overwhelmed.

Or worse, you’ve studied for years and STILL feel like a beginner. You’ve read ALL the books, but seem to have NONE of the info.

Studying witchcraft can feel like two steps forward, one step back

There are so many contradictory sources of information out there, not to mention stuff that is just plain BAD (if not DANGEROUS) ADVICE.

How do you navigate the World of Witchcraft without worry?

Imagine the future...

Imagine that you could learn witchcraft without fears that you’re ‘”getting it wrong” and safely practice spells of ANY kind.

Imagine that there was a way to balance your spiritual and skeptic sides, while avoiding gate keeping nonsense.

Imagine if you could skip the witchy info overload!

Imagine that there was an easy path, similar to the yellow brick road – that you could walk down and feel confident in how YOU uniquely witch.

Ready to ditch the info overwhelm, master your magick, and confidently continue your witchy journey?


Witch in a Weekend!

A Two Day Mini-Course That Will Help You Confidently Navigate Your Witchy Journey!

Cherry teaches simple methods that you can incorporate. Cherry is a great instructor from beginning to advanced, so I would recommend taking a course with her, she's absolutely amazing.

- Tiffany H.

Wanna know more? Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course…

Welcome Module

Welcome, Witch

You’re about to go on a quest… and it  dangerous to go alone. Take this gift – your Magickal Backpack. You’ll need it to hold your Magick Tools that you’ll be collecting during your journey into the Magickal Wilderness.

What's in a Witch?

Who gets to be a witch? YOU DO! If you’re new to this path, we’ll go over a few misconceptions and getting you the confidence to witch YOUR way. We’ll also take a brief look at the term “witch” even comes from!

Your Witchypedia

The “My Witchypedia” Template is hands down going to revolutionize how you master your magick and witch your way. Combine your Book of Shadows, Grimoire, and give it infinite space, and that only gives you a fraction of the Witchypedia’s power.

Saturday Module

The Magickal Wilderness

Bad science, lame lectures, kooky cults – oh my! It’s really easy to get lost deep in the Magickal Wilderness and not know up from left, down from right. We’ll explore how to keep your wits about you while journeying the Magickal Wilderness.

Your Magick Glasses

The first tool you’ll collect is your Magick Glasses – which helps you see the world in a multiverse ways. They’re a new magick technology that revolutionizes how you work with your magick & your brain. We’ll learn how to use them to upgrade your magick and your life!  

Your Magick Mirror

The second tool you’ll collect is your Magick Mirror – which reflects back the world. You’ll then learn how to Instantly Interpret Tarot (and oracle cards!) using intuitive interpretations & memorization methods to move beyond book meanings & intuit YOUR meanings!

Your Magick Compass

The third tool you’ll collect is your Magick Compass – which helps you navigate the world. You’ll then learn astrology with the Reality Show of You!  The wacky cast of Celestials live in the home of your natal chart, and their antics in the sky (helpful or not) affect YOUR personal magick!

Sunday Module

Your Magick Wand

The fourth tool you’ll collect is your Magick Wand – which helps you bring your wishes into the world. You’ll learn Skills for Spellcrafting and incorporate the previous lessons & learn about spell ingredients to craft spells with a deeper understanding for YOUR personal magick!

Your Magick Decoder Ring

The final tool you’ll collect is your Magick Decoder Ring – which acts as a “filing cabinet for the universe.” You’ll learn what your brain, the Tree of Life, and chakras all have in common. We’ll also discuss the various types of “Decoder Rings” you’ll come across in your magickal studies.

Your Treasure Chest

After you’ve gathered all your magick tools, you’ll unlock your Treasure Chest. You’ll about money magick and why money is the Secret Sixth Element. You’ll also learn about altars, your personal treasure chest of spiritual space, and ways to make altars that works for your life.

Magickal Wilderness Rangers

You’ve gathered the Magickal Tools, you’ve opened your Treasure Chest, and now you and your Magickal Backpack are ready to adventure the Magickal Wilderness. We’ll spend this last lesson with some advice on how to continue your adventures!

"My Witchypedia" Template

Take the power of your Book of Shadows, add your Grimoire, supercharge it - that's just a FRACTION of the power of the Witchypedia template.

Luckily for me, I found Cherry's wonderful course. Not only is she exciting and powerful and fun to listen to, she's helped me look at things from a completely different perspective. Like, holy guacamole, I didn't even think about that!

- Tiegan A.

What makes "Witch in a Weekend" different?

This course isn’t just a course – it’s an interactive, magickal journey into the Magickal Wilderness that focuses not just on education, but on ACTION. Instead of getting lost in the Meanings Minutiae Bog, you’ll look at the bigger picture and processes of magick, while taking actionable steps along the way.

You'll upgrade your tarot, astrology, and spell crafting skills all in one weekend!

Sparklemore, like any good school of magick and witchery, is full of secrets and surprises to explore and discover (so I won’t spoil ALL the fun here.) 

But… I will tell you that as you take actions, you’ll unlock XP points and other secrets and surprises, so that you’re encouraged to keep taking this course instead of letting it gather digital dust.

This course works hand-in-hand with the “My Witchypedia” template – this powerful tool will completely upgrade how you witch your way. I’ve created this curriculum so all witches, new and experienced alike, will get a giant “level up” to their witching skills.

EVEN IF YOU’VE ONLY JUST STARTED LEARNING MAGICK, this template will give you a huge leg-up as you navigate your way through the magickal wilderness. 

This is such a smart, well put together, blending of science and soul that creates magic. Cherry's a true alchemist.

- Rebecca L.

"Cherry Opened the door to new paths I didn't realize were available"

Something my clients and students love about how I teach is the way I break information and ideas down. I tend to see things from multiple angles. I point out the obvious “duh” thing they didn’t see in front of their nose, because it was too close to see. 

Part of this is because I LOVE to read, and my two faves are occult and self-development (there’s a surprising amount of overlap!).  I am that kid who would literally bring a tub of books with me on vacation, and I am a fast reader with fantastic comprehension.

With access to an occult library of over 2000 books, I am always researching and studying ways to connect a wide variety of topics to the occult, like neuroscience, marketing, graphic design, pop culture, self-development, and more. What this means for you?

You get 30+ years of cross-referenced occult research, minus the hours of time and thousands of dollars.

You could try to read as much as possible and spend a ton of time going through trial and error, or you could have the “easy button” of an easy-to-follow-guide to navigating  the next leg of your witchy journey much easier.

Witch in a Weekend

Upgrade the way YOU witch in just one short weekend!

Special price:
One-time payment of


Bonus Breakdown!

Bonus! "Technomancy" Masterclass!

Think you don’t have the time, space, money, or energy to practice magick on the regular? Technomancy breaks down those myths with actionable steps.  Learn how to use tech (including your phone!) to make magick, RIGHT NOW.

Bonus! "Ten Minute Tarot" Meditation!

Think you’re no good at understanding your intuition? Learn how to quickly access one of your most powerful features with the “Ten Minute Tarot Meditation.” This quick start meditation will help you tap into your intuition using any tarot OR oracle card in less than 10 minutes!

Bonus! Witchy Spotify Oracles!

Think you can’t access your magick because you don’t have a tarot or oracle deck? You can use this Witchy Spotify Oracle playlists AS AN ORACLE to get started divining right away! You can also use them to enhance all magickal workings, or as inspiration for your own witchy playlists.

Cherry is just so vibrant. She is very sweet, so enthusiastic to teach people and make their lives better. The amount of pep talks, just the way she spoke to us. The community is great, it's something I really enjoyed!

- Deana B.

How Does This Work?

Step 1

You purchase, and as soon as you do that, you'll get an email with your VERY FIRST QUEST. That's right, you'll be getting started right away on your journey into the Magickal Wilderness.

Step 2

You'll journey into Sparklemore, our course platform full of magickal mysteries to unlock. Surprises and more lurk around every corner at Sparklemore. This is where you'll get your Witch in a Weekend course and access to your Witchypedia.

Step 3

You'll join the Witch in a Weekend Facebook group, where you can answer additional questions for bonus XP and meet you fellow witches!

I'm so touched by Cherry's lighthearted, genuine, deep healing work. I can't look away. You've unleashed something powerful that the magickal world desperately needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Anne C.

HI, I'm Cherry...

your cherry godmother

AKA Your Cherry Godmother

I teach new witches old tricks and old witches new tricks, by way of tarot, astrology, and spell crafting, while cracking jokes and singing songs along the way.

I’m not your typical fairy godmother – I’m something between a Ms. Frizzle-meets-Mary Poppins, and a giant salt-bae pinch of Elvira.

I teach you how to double-dutch between skepticism and spirituality to make your magick better and more effective!

I’m a 2nd generation witch who grew up learning about the occult, and access to a library of 2000 occult books. (Yes, I am living that Belle dream-life.)

This gives me a unique opportunity for deep research in all areas esoteric and occult, compare and contrast, and get you the best of the best without the information overwhelm. 

Let me do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best – making magick! 

Coming across Cherry's course has been such a blessing. She has been such an amazing teacher. She brings such a vibrant energy, and really makes you want to learn. Her lessons are SO clear, and they are informative, and change your way of thinking. And it makes it all so much more fun, just exciting to learn. It makes me want to keep learning!

- Jessica A.


Do I need to know anything about witchcraft to do this course?

Nope! Even if you decided to become a witch less than an hour ago, this course will be the “starter witch kit” that you need to explore your unique magick efficiently. 

Do I have to be a new witch to do this course?

Nope! Even if you’ve been witching for years, you’re going to get something new to add to your witchy repertoire.  I’m a life long witch, but I also bring in my knowledge of graphic design, art, pop culture, neuroscience, and more, to give experienced witches a new spin on old material. (Plus, if you’re an experienced witch, you’re going to just LOVE the Witchypedia template, it’ll upgrade how you witch.)

Can I purchase, check it out, and then get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Witch in a Weekend – and the fact that you could consume it quickly, and because we include the super powerful Witchypedia template – we do not offer refunds.

But you don’t have to go get Dorothy to melt me with water! Check out what people say about my teaching style in the testimonials all up and down this page.

And besides… there’s a good chance that once you complete Witch in a Weekend and start updating your Witchypedia, you’re going to walk all your friends down the yellow brick road to come hang out with me.

Do I have to be a woman to be a witch?

Nope! This course is for any one of any gender. 

Do I have to call myself a witch to take this course?

Many people who enjoy tarot, astrology, spellcrafting, and generally working with magick, don’t all call themselves witches! Some go by magician, wizard, sorcerer, and any number of other names, or don’t call themselves anything! 

Do I need anything special for this course?

Nope! You just need yourself. Now, if you’re an “above and beyond” type, I recommend a tarot deck, but I give you free digital alternatives if you don’t have a deck handy.

Isn't being a witch evil?

Is exploring your experience of consciousness and how you experience existence evil? Nope. It’s what actions you take in the real world after that exploration that measures the kind of person you are. (Also has nothing to do with the Devil, Satan, or the like – that’s a misconception due to the Euorpean Witch trials.)

Does this REALLY only take a weekend?

I’m taking my 36 years of experience as a witch and condensing it down to what-you-need-to-get-started. There’s a TON of overwhelm when it comes to exploring the Magickal Wilderness, and I wanted to make something that will give new witches an easy path to navigate, and experienced witches new ideas to consider and more efficient magickal processes.

How long do I get access for?

You get lifetime access to the course, which you can access through the Sparklemore member’s portal when the course opens on October 29th, 2021!

How do I get my hands on Witch in a Weekend?

Awesome question, super easy answer: Click here and you’ll join Witch in a Weekend

This mini-course is my 36 years of life as a witch condensed down to a journey that takes only a weekend! 

In just a few days in and I'm learning strategies that will completely revolutionize my work with the cards and the ways that I interact with them. Cherry is a great instructor and is so high energy, and has just a great personality. Taking this class from her ahs been the highlight of my day, I can't wait to dig in further with her. Thanks, Cherry, for a great class.

- Cheryl M.

Imagine if...

Imagine if, by THIS Halloween, as the veil is at it’s thinnest – we used this time to make some EPIC upgrades your magick and witchy skills.

Let's recap what you get with...

Witch in a Weekend

Upgrade the way YOU witch in just one short weekend!

Special price:
One-time payment of


Cherry taught everything in a way that I connected with I feel like she made everything connect, and brought [the information] all together perfectly. And now I'm looking at my cards and seeing them and understanding them as I've never done before!

- Julia B.

Is this a good fit for you?

New & Beginner Witches

This is the perfect “Starter Witch Kit” – an “easy-button” that will let you clear the information overwhelm and focus on actually MAKING magick instead of worrying if you’re going to summon the ghost of Mae West.

Are you worried if you can safely cast a spell? Did you get into witchcraft like, 24 hours ago and now your search history is madness? If you’ve ever asked “but what kind of witch AM I?” or “Am I doing it right?” this course is for you.

Intermediate Witches

Do you ever feel like you’ve been studying forever but you’re only having fizzling results – you DEFINITELY SEE something happening, but you’re not quite sure why what you’re doing works? Do you want to learn how to get more consistent results? 

This course will lays out how to easily upgrade your magick by understanding a bit more of what’s “under the hood” to the process of magick, and what makes your magick unique to YOU.

Advanced Witches

Even if you’ve been practicing magick fooooreverrrrr – I guarantee there’s something in this course that you’re going to enjoy (aside from the epic, exclusive-to-this-course Witchypedia template).

I bring in a lot of my knowledge of learning-how-to-learn, graphic design, neuroscience, and communication studies to cover magick and witchcraft  from drastically different angles than your average teacher.

just in it for the Witchpedia template?

Broom Closet Witches

You’ll be able to keep your Witchypedia secret, and even build an altar that you can access FROM YOUR PHONE (…which you’ll learn about in the bonus Technomancy masterclass!) 

Digital books, audio, your favorite videos – all of it can live in secret in your Witchypedia!

Technological Witches

If you don’t like to write by hand, you can collect & info dump ALL your favorite resources from with this template. 

If you’ve ever shouted “I’VE WAITED YEARS FOR SOMEONE TO ASK ME ABOUT MY THEORIES!” – and want the data-backed proof to back them up –  you’re gonna love the Witchypedia.

Perfectionist Witches

Perfection is the enemy of progress, and I think we’ve all felt that moment where we get the most beautiful notebook – THE ONE, THE ONE THAT WILL FINALLY BE OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS – only to fear writing in it . 

No need to fear – with the Witchpedia, all mistakes can be easily deleted with the click of a button.

Super Crafty Witches

Do you drool when you see any heirloom grimoire in a witch movie? Want to make your own Witchy Book that you pass down for years to come? 

You can gather ALL the information that you want to put into your heirloom book and collect it in the Witchypedia, and take only the best-of-the-best for your beautiful book.

Are you ready to witch your way?

Witch in a Weekend

Upgrade the way YOU witch in just one short weekend!

Special price:
One-time payment of


Do you dare
do you try
To Witch Your Way,
Explore Your Why?

New witches, Old Witches
Let's unite to discover
The Magickal Wilderness
full of such wonder

Let's have no excuses
Let's release old-ass reasons
Let's all come together
And be witchy this season

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