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I’m SO excited to show you how to explore the Magickal Wilderness!

Your next quest, should you choose to accept it:

Take these Steps 3, and prepared for the epic extravaganza you'll be.

Step 1

Join the FB Group!

Click here to join the FB Group! You’ll get to answer our group questions and meet other Witch in a Weekend Students.

Step 2

Get Notified!

Sign up via Facebook to make sre you’re in-the-loop with my updates!

Click here and you’ll get notified via Facebook Messenger, and you’ll also get a chance to opt-in and get notified via SMS.

Step 3

Whitelist These Emails!

Make sure to whitelist “” and to get all the notifications for the event and your course. 

Ahhh, intrepid traveler. You appear to be one of those “above and beyond” explorers. 

Bonus steps, you need not do.
But if completed, they'll help you.

Bonus Step 1

Acquire a tarot deck

Purchase a tarot deck (ideally one with some people with readable emotions on it). Smith-Waite Centennial is my fave to start with. 

If you can’t get a deck, find a tarot app with cards that you like (also ideally with people on it with readable emotions – aka no stick figures!)

Bonus Step 2

Fill out this survey

Next, fill out this survey. I want to know where you’re starting this next leg of your witchy journey from.

This will help ensure that I’m covering the topics that are most needed, in this or future courses.

Bonus Step 3

Let's hang on social!

Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to hang out and get regular edu-tainment about magick, witchcraft, and the occult!

Thank goodness, you lasted
The first quest is done
Now open your Email...
To have so much fun.

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We don’t grant your wish, we hand you the wand and teach you how to grant your own wishes, using esoteric based skills.

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